Frequently Asked Questions

 Safety Scoreboards

Q. I’ve just purchased a Safety Scoreboard for the factory I manage and am ready to set it up. How should I install my Safety Scoreboard?

Installing a Safety Scoreboard is extremely simple – they are made to give you as many options as possible for mounting them. Our scoreboard is designed with two holes positioned at the top for easy mounting. The most common method is to place two hooks in the wall, where you want to install your scoreboard. But, really, you can mount the unit onto anything that works for the space you have – hang it with wire, nails, weld it onto something, or even just sit it on a ledge! There are a few critical considerations that we ask you to remember, however. For electronic scoreboards, you should place your Safety Scoreboard less than six feet away from a 120 V power source. And for Indoor/Outdoor models we remind you to be conscious of the electric hazard of an outdoor installation and use a GFI outlet.

Q. I work at a distribution center where we have trucks pulling in and out of our loading dock at all hours. I want to emphasize safety as the drivers pull up, and remind them to drive slowly and carefully. Is it okay to use my Safety Scoreboard outside? Is there a specific model I should choose?

The standard, 28” x 20” digital Safety Scoreboard, which may be what you are referring to, is designed for indoor use only. But we do offer a larger, 36” x 24” Indoor/Outdoor model, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. This model is both brighter and larger, with a 4” display height as compared with the 2.5” displays on indoor scoreboards. The Indoor/Outdoor version is water resistant and can get wet, but should not be expected to stand up to the elements unprotected. We recommend leaving it under some sort of shelter or even an overhang on the side of the building. You should also be sure to plug the electric Scoreboard into a GFI outlet if you plan to leave it outdoors. The operation of the Indoor/Outdoor version of Safety Scoreboard is identical to that of the Indoor. Almost all of our most popular Safety Scoreboard designs are available in the Indoor/Outdoor size.

Q. What happens if the electronic display on my Safety Scoreboard breaks? Can I repair it?

Think about your digital alarm clock – what happens if that display breaks? And how often have you seen that happen? A Safety Scoreboard should last about as long as a clock. When the numbers begin to fade, it’s probably time to get a new one – but this should be after a very long time. Customers rarely have problems with the functioning of their electronic Safety Scoreboards, and the return rate is extremely low, but if necessary, you can send your Safety Scoreboard back for repair, and it will be either mended or replaced.

Q. Will the Safety Scoreboard’s digital display be affected by a loss of power?

The memory of a Safety Scoreboard is built in, and does not rely on battery or electric power. Your count won’t be lost - we have seen displays go for as long as a year and still retain the number of days that they were last set at. After the power goes out for a long time, though, you should go and check the time setting, because it may not be current. A dot in the upper corner of the display acts as an advisory to check the time. Rest assured, your Safety Scoreboard will save the number of days, so a power loss will not spoil your count.

Q. I’m concerned about people vandalizing the Safety Scoreboard at my plant. How do I prevent people from changing the current count?

We rarely hear of Safety Scoreboards being intentionally vandalized. Sometimes, especially with the Dry Erase Board model, the count gets rubbed off accidentally as someone leans against or brushes by it. If you choose the Dry Erase Safety Scoreboard you should be careful to mount it in a place where people walking by won’t unintentionally remove the markings. However, if you are truly concerned about people tampering with your Safety Scoreboard, the best way to maintain the correct count is to choose the Digital Model, because this version is really the most tamper-proof solution there is.

Q. I’m planning on purchasing a Safety Scoreboard, and I want to make sure that I don’t violate any regulations or mandates concerning them. Can you tell me what regulations apply to Safety Scoreboards?

Currently, there are not any OSHA or other federal regulations that cover Safety Scoreboards or require that plants and factories employ them. However, the benefits of a Scoreboard cannot be discounted because they are not legally mandated. Increased attention to safety, rising employee morale, and lower insurance costs are only a few of the many benefits of a safety program that includes Safety Scoreboards. In short, use of a Safety Scoreboard is definitely recommended in order to keep productivity high and plants running as smoothly as possible.

Q. Can I set my Safety Scoreboard to count down the number of days until an event?

You can set any Safety Scoreboard to either “count up” or “count down”, depending on what your needs are. Scoreboards can be set to change every day, or every hour, so that you can keep track of the statistics which are important to you. We see people using their scoreboards to keep track of all kinds of statistics, such as hours worked without a delayed order, days of safe operation, and even inventory levels. The digital display can also be “held,” so that it will remain at one number until you choose move it. This feature is often used to advertise the “record” for safe work days, or in a setting where inventory or other units are being counted instead of safe workdays. You can control the method and rate of the count with the remote control, which comes with your Safety Scoreboard. And the remote will reach thirty to thirty-five feet, so you don’t have to be able to touch the scoreboard to reset it.

Q. How strong are Safety Scoreboards? I work in an oil processing refinery, and I want to make sure that my scoreboard will be able to withstand the environment – chemical vapors and residue are a constant challenge.

The frame of a Safety Scoreboard is made from corrosion-proof black aluminum, and the base is produced from .06” thick UV plastic. Scoreboards are light, but durable and chemical resistant, perfect for use in a plant or factory. Our Safety Scoreboards are found in oil industry facilities around the world.The frame of a Safety Scoreboard is made from corrosion-proof black aluminum, and the base is produced from .06” thick UV plastic. Scoreboards are light, but durable and chemical resistant, perfect for use in a plant or factory. Our Safety Scoreboards are found in oil industry facilities around the world.

Q. I have specific needs for a Safety Scoreboard. I want to print a photo of my plant on the scoreboard, and I want to have a separate display for two different parts of my facility. I don’t see any designs like this. Is it possible for me to Custom Design my own?

If you wish to give your Safety Scoreboard a particular look or message, you can always design a Scoreboard to fit your needs, by creating one entirely your own. You can start with artwork – add as many colors as you want and we will print whatever design you want – with no extra color charges. This includes photos that you upload to us. We can add as many digital displays as you want. And you can design your signs so that the displays fit within the art – they can go in the middle, in the corner, sideways, at an angle – if you can think it, we can make it! You should keep in mind the size of the sign when thinking, however. Indoor Safety Scoreboards can comfortably fit two displays, and a third will fit but may look cramped. Indoor/Outdoor Scoreboards will fit as many as four displays. You can always combine 2.5” and 4” digital displays to give yourself the option of “totals” or other information that you want to highlight.

Often, people use a central Scoreboard with several displays to keep track of different parts of a distribution center or different regional plants. We have also seen scoreboards designed to go side by side, where one has the other facilities, for example in other regions, alongside the Scoreboard for your facility. With a custom scoreboard, everything is up to you, so you can get exactly what you want.

Q. Do Safety Scoreboards really work? Why should I invest some of my safety budget in one?

Safety Scoreboards can work, and they really do. A Safety Scoreboard increases awareness and concern about safety in the workplace, and ultimately lowers accident rates. A Scoreboard with a high number of safe work days advertised will show that you care, and ultimately will result in lower overhead and more motivated workers. Nobody wants to see the scoreboard reset. Ultimately, orders go out on time, and insurance expenditure doesn’t increase. A major benefit of safety is lower costs due to better production. And a scoreboard can help you achieve these goals. Safety Scoreboards Hit Homeruns Every Time.