Safety Scoreboards Hit Homeruns

 How Recording Days of Safe Work Motivates & Improves Your Safety Record (and save money!)

If you manage a plant or factory, you know that keeping workers safe is a major priority. Not only is it the law, but an accident-free work environment can prevent insurance increases, keeps everything running on schedule, and ultimately results in a lower total expenditure due to better production. But keeping the workplace safe can be difficult if each and every person doesn’t do his or her part to prevent needless accidents. That’s where Safety Scoreboards come in. Safety Scoreboards keep track of consecutive “Safe Work Days”, reminding employees to stay alert and always put safety first. Informed workers are motivated workers; Safety Scoreboards create an atmosphere of camaradarie and cohesiveness among staff and help to unite the interests of employees with the broader goals of the business.

The design of the Safety Scoreboard is relatively simple. Most models feature a fixed motivational statement such as “Safety First”, followed by a definition of the count, e.g. “This plant has worked __ days without an accident”. The number can be recorded in one of several ways. Some models can be manually controlled using a dial, while others feature a dry erase section in which the count is written daily. Many users are now choosing the newer, electronic scoreboards, which automatically keep a record of safe days without manual intervention. Scoreboards can be customized according to message and design, and often customers choose to have an additional counter on which the best record of days without an accident can be recorded and set to increase with the current count when it equals the previous record. And watching that record soar really encourages workers throughout the day, and makes sure that they are always thinking about safety.

Not only are Safety Scoreboards a great way of keeping workers motivated and everything running smoothly - users have also found them remarkably easy to use. Scoreboards are designed to be installed wherever and however the purchaser desires, with two easy-install mounting holes at the top for everyone’s convenience. For those who have purchased the electronic model, the scoreboard only needs to be plugged in, set according to the time and the rate the customer wants it to count, and allowed to run! Everything can be controlled using the remote control which comes with every electronic Safety Scoreboard, so they can be placed up high for everyone to see, and no one ever has to get up on a ladder to adjust something.

And users can trust that any purchase of a Safety Scoreboard is extremely dependable. Scoreboards are manufactured with a corrosion-proof black aluminum frame and a .06” thick UV plastic base. All of them are durable and chemical resistant, so they are a great choice for any plant or factory. Also available is an even more durable Indoor/Outdoor version, which is sturdier than the standard model when expected to stand up to the elements. And customers considering the electronic version should be aware that Safety Scoreboards have an extremely low risk of malfunctioning, but if necessary they can always be sent back for repairs.

But the most important aspect of the Safety Scoreboard is not its guaranteed dependibility or easy installation. It’s the fact that Safety Scoreboards really are effective. That means a Scoreboard can motivate workers, get everyone thinking about safety, and even save lives. The purchase of a Safety Scoreboard is a purchase towards the welfare and security of workers. And when your business stays safe, everyone wins.

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