Sports Themed Scoreboards (33008)

Sports Themed Scoreboards
Your workplace loves sports. That's why our Sports Themed Scoreboards combine a love of sport with your safety record. From boxing to baseball, everyone wins with Safety.
  • • Rigid vinyl plastic is light, durable and chemical resistant. Bold photos make an impact in any facility.
  • • The 4-Digit display features 2.5" high numbers for better visibility.
  • • Four mounting holes offer easy mounting.
  • • Plugs in with a 6 ft. long cord.

Sports Themed Scoreboards (109712)

Make a Goal Days Without Accident Sign
Make a Goal. [****] Days Without a Recordable Accident. No Accidents.
Make Play Safety Days Without Accident Sign
Make a Play for Safety. Our Team has Worked [****] Days Without a Lost-Time Accident.
Play It Safe! Make It Safe! Sign
Play It Safe! [****] Days Without a Lost-Time Accident. Make It Home. Make It Safe!