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Safety, Quality, Excellence Scoreboards

Safety, Quality, Excellence Scoreboards
Safety, quality and excellence is always top priority. That's why we make big, bold safety scoreboards that are easy to maintain in your workplace. Our write-on/wipe-off sign can be quickly and easily updated as needed. Foster a positive attitude and encourage your team to maintain high standards in everything they do!

• Available in two lightweight yet durable materials, plastic and aluminum, that resist corrosion, chemicals, and impacts.

• Poly-coated spaces are receptive to any non-permanent marker—allowing any markings to be wiped clean, and the scoreboard easily updated.

• Screen-printed signs provide outstanding resistance against fading and remain vividly bright, even when exposed to sunlight.

• Signs can be mounted onto any flat surface using the four mounting holes located in each corner.

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Setting the Standard in Safety…Quality…Sign
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Setting the Standard in Safety…Quality…Excellence… ___Days Without an Accident.
20"x14" to 28"x20"
Setting the Standard Safety Quality Excellence Sign
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Setting the Standard Safety Quality Excellence [****] Days Without an Accident
20"x14" to 36"x24"