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Electronic Moving Message Displays

Electronic Moving Message Displays
Program LED Messages in a variety of ways to communicate when you aren't around. These signs are the ultimate way to display a temporary message in an eye-catching way!

• Sharp and bright LED displays are a highly visible and effective way to get your message across.

• A selection of message modes allow you to customize for maximum visual impact.

• These displays are great for schools, retail, government and more!

Big Stoplight Scoreboards
Big Stoplight Scoreboards
Get yourself a traffic light scoreboard that indicates how good or poor safety is at your plant. Add custom text and logo at no extra cost!
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Electronic Moving Message Displays Sign
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2.1" One-Line Format x 24" Length Moving Display
25.8" x 3.8" x 2.0" (l x h x d)
One-Line Format Electronic Moving Message Display Sign
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4" One-Line Format x 45.6" Length Moving Display
49" x 6.25" x 4.25" (l x h x d)
Electronic Moving Message Displays
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4.8" One-Line / 2.1" Two-Line Format x 36" Length Moving Display
40.1" x 7.7" x 5.5" (l x h x d)
Electronic Moving Message Displays
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7.2" One-Line / 3" Two-Line / 2.1" Three-Line / 1.5" Four-Line Format x 36" Length Moving Display
40.3" x 10" x 5.6" (l x h x d)

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