Bilingual Safety Scoreboards (33001)

Bilingual Safety Scoreboards
Speak to a bigger audience with Bilingual Safety Scoreboards. With a vital safety message in both English and Spanish, you can communicate your safety program and measure its success with one board. Using the same energy saving LED counter as our other popular signs, these bilingual safety scoreboard signs are sure to be a bright addition to your organization.
  • • Bilingual safety scoreboards are great for large-scale facilities with a diverse workforce.
  • • Four-Digit LED display features 2.5" high numbers.
  • • Some scoreboard signs come with pre-cleared holes for easy installation. Digital scoreboards feature a 6 ft. long cord to plug into a power source.
Custom Bilingual Safety Scoreboards
Custom Bilingual Safety Scoreboards
Use one of our custom designs to create your very own bilingual safety scoreboard!

Bilingual Safety Scoreboards (62648)

Bilingual Scoreboard Sign
This Department Has Worked _____ Days Without A Lost...
12"x18" to 30"x36"
Spanish Scoreboard Sign
Este Depatamento Ha Trabajado Durante ____ Dias Sin...
12"x18" to 30"x36"
Bilingual Safety is the Priority Quality Standard Sign
Safety is the Priority. Quality is the Standard /...
Bilingual Safety Priority. Quality Standard. La Seguridad Sign
Safety is the Priority. Quality is the Standard /...
20"x14" to 28"x20"

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